Welcome to Powell Economic Partnership! Our mission is to unite business, entreprenuers, and government to create wealth, jobs and improve the quality of life consistent with the culture of the Powell Valley for the benefit of all citizens.   PEP is the economic development partner of the City of Powell, Wyoming and a proud member of the Wyoming Economic Development Association. 

Community & Economic Development Planning Process:  To view information about the process and consulting firm that will help drive this process, you can visit their website here.  The "Plan Week" which will involve opportunities for ALL members of the community to participate is currently scheduled for Nov. 4th 2013.  Click on the "Planning" tab above to get more informaiton and learn how to be a member of the steering committee!



about Powell

Powell's unique educational, business, community, and recreational opportunities

PEP Services

PEP's servicers include inventory lists, mentorship for aspiring entreprenuers and more.


Why Powell?

Thank you for pulling for us to resolve the issues with zoning in Gateway West. We would highly recommend PEP to assist you in your business, rather it be planning or developing, no matter how big or how small your plans are!

Mike and Wendy Capps
We got the grant! I can't thank you enough for all of your help.

Krista Siefert, Owner, Western Cellular
PEP helped relocate my business to Powell! The folks at PEP helped identify potential properties for lease, helped coordinate the deal, and are now helping with a new marketing plan. Coulnd't have done it without them.