Workforce Training

Access to a skilled labor pool is a challenge that faces all of rural America. Fortunately, the community of Powell combines a traditionally, strong work ethic associated with our agriculture background and opportunities to train and advance as per local industry demands through Northwest College.

IMAGE: Excavator simulator Northwest College has a very active and growing Center for Training & Development. In the 2013-14 academic year over 2,000 non-traditional students received training to improve their on-the-job skills. Training through the Northwest College Center for Training & Development includes courses for computer software, leadership, asbestos abatement, process control and electrician apprenticeships. With newly installed training programs for specialty equipment operation, like excavator and crane simulators, the relevancy to local businesses continues to grow. Additionally, programs can be customized for local businesses so that your staff receive the specialty training that your industry and/or equipment requires. Click here to connect with Northwest College Center for Training & Development.

IMAGE/GRAPHIC: $$ Wyoming Workforces Services Development Training Fund Wyoming is a state that supports its citizens and businesses alike with a training fund that reimburses employers from 60% to 100% of the cost of training for existing and new employees on an annual basis. The application process is online and straightforward. A few years ago our local hospital had a very rigorous training schedule and accessed over $50,000 for its employees! The return on investment to your business is not only the dollar value in savings, but the improved performance and capacity of your employees. Click here to visit the Wyoming Workforce Services Development Training Fund page.